That’s Old


My thrifting-wanders allow me to really explore the cities I live in, giving me excellent memories along the way. Vienna has seen me winding down forgotten streets, tripping into dusty stores and meeting the most unusual people. I almost always come away with more than a vintage pre-loved treasure. Today was no different. I had five duds and struck one goldmine over the course of three hours. I went looking for lampshades that I could re-purpose for a project, an espresso-maker for my husband and jewellery I could take apart for a mod-chandelier I’m making. [Aside: I will post a picture of the unfortunate looking light fixtures in our flat soon.] I didn’t find any of those things.The Duds gave me chrome pinking shears that actually cut properly, clothespins for another project I had in mind and sewing machine oil. Not too shabby.

The Goldmine in a cobbled courtyard: an ex-biker/trombonist who is now a jazz singer. After a wide-ranging chat on the history of his curious collection, childhood, singing and travel, he invited me and my phantom husband to his band’s Frank Sinatra tribute gig as his guests. He also gifted me a handsome leather purse. Win win.


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