Granny Smith

This has nothing to do with apples. Maybe a granny was involved. She might have even had the surname Smith.  She lovingly crotched doilies to go on the armrests of big curly sofas or under a plate of biscuits on her immaculate table or possibly to highlight the porcelain dolls on her bookshelf. She was proud of their floral perfection. She kept making them until  she died she had too many and then she started giving them away. That is what I like to think.

I started collecting Granny Smith’s delicate doilies after I realised I couldn’t make one. [My circle was more like a tear-drop with FAIL written all over it.] Some of them were used at our wedding on the guestbook (typewriter) table.

I had visions of a doily backdrop for our photobooth. That was vetoed. It seemed as if my husband actually hated them. In faith, I sneaked some into my suitcase to unleash some doily goodness onto a cushion cover or something but all of my plans got found out and left out. Enter thrifted lamp with dodgy looking lampshade. Inspired by all the beautiful doily themed DIY tutorials I had seen, I thought to myself, “How hard can this be?”. Sadly, this frame was particularly awkward.

Using floral wire to add another level was unsurprisingly useless. I continued regardless and just in time for our housewarming party I threw on a few doilies et voila!

I received some encouraging compliments and my husband was convinced I wasn’t a lone granny chic nutter. Then I embarked on a plan to do it properly and if all went well, spread the love on Etsy. I bought an OLLSTA lampshade from Ikea, selected doilies and some antique lace, got my needle and thread and began.

I used a running stitch mixed in with back-stitches whenever I hit a gap or turn in the pattern. Three hours of sewing, a back ache and stiff neck later, I placed the ‘skirt’ onto the frame and let out one tiny squeal. I hesitated but eventually trimmed off all the excess doily and neatly secured the edges with my favourite super-glue. I am proud that Granny Smith’s doilies have a new life and will be going to a happy home via my Etsy shop.


One thought on “Granny Smith

  1. missmaudlin says:

    For some reason, it reminds me of old Indian colonial homes or something! But then again, I know squat about Indian colonial homes.

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