Turning Over a New Leaf

Lesson learnt and re-learnt: Plan-making is good but plan-doing is better.

I was so excited at the start of this week about all the things I had planned to do and busied myself with prep on Sunday- widely known as a day of rest. Any time-table maker with a soft spot for rainbow pens will predict the rest of this story but I shall humour those who still have hope. The first day was unbelievably smooth and productive. The second was good but I hit a glitch and my plan threatened to come to a grinding halt. The third day, I struggled on and hit several tiny glitches which then accumulated into a giant one and made me feel like I was ten steps behind. The third evening I had all but given up on my newfound love of plan-making when my darling husband, with gentle and soothing tones (perhaps), asked me if I was still on track to achieve my week’s targets. I bristled. Instead of seeing his question as an encouragement or offer to help, I started mumbling some defensive grumbles.

“Keep moving forward.”

Such wise and helpful words almost escaped my ears because creeping thoughts of failure and/or indignation kept pushing me underwater. Forgive the dramatic drowning language; I’m just learning how to swim and not panic. Thankfully he just left it at that and we got on with our lovely evening which incidentally involved swimming and me trying not to drown.

Fast-forward to this morning where I drag myself out of bed with unknown muscles aching and a mind partly on having carrot bread for breakfast and partly on whatshallIdonext? Like any good plan-doer, I started with Step One. I then tried to attach lace to our bedroom ceiling light and quickly retreated from this Step Two because too much frou-frou in a boy-girl space is unappealing. I thought it best to pare things down to their basics and start fresh. Turn over a new page.

Step Two The Remake featured some draft designs for a lantern makeover, gathering my watercolours and brushes and doing an excited little dance. I then completely disregarded my drafts and a hypnotic vine took shape on my paper globe.

I did it in a rose pink so I wouldn’t be tempted to keep it instead of sharing it with other folk on Etsy but I tell ya, it was hard. Especially after I saw it with the light coming through. The painterly look, the deep pink-reddishness of the the stark design against the white that made it look like it was floating. Love. Thinking of making another one for our bedroom. Have I mentioned the sorry looking lights we have around our flat? We definitely need another dose like this. The best thing about this little project was the absolute customising control you can have. Lighting makes a huge difference to a space so I figure we can all attempt something like this to light up our lives. Oh yes, I did just say that and guess what? I’m back on track.

Lesson learnt: I can be in control of the plan and not let it control me. Plan-changing, plan-doing, go-gettering.


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