Birds of a Feather

I was having a skip down memory lane, remembering what it felt like moving into different houses through the years. There was always a thread that tied seemingly disparate dwellings together. My parents were never ones to hold tightly to what they owned so it’s comforting to remember the things that stuck. That favourite recipe book with the banana bread page all splattered over years of love (even though we can all make it in our sleep) or the way we always had a junk drawer in which you could find anything you ever needed or the lamp to sofa ratio in every living room we had.

I, being the hoarder-in-training that I am, kept a string of Indian fabric birds with me through every move since I left my parents’ home. Six moves. It helps me tie different places together and now hangs in our starter-flat, adding a much-needed dash of colour to a very white and bland room. I still haven’t found the perfect pendant light so I decided to make-do and customise what we already had. Trusty fabric bird-friends for inspiration and husband for encouragement, I took up my watercolours again. So happy with the result!

Please try this at home. It is so easy to change things up by adding a bit of paint somewhere in your life but tell me how you did it and we’re friends.

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2 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. I just stumbled on your blog while searching wordpress for “Home”, & these birds are adorable! Too bad we can’t find those at ikea!

    Nice DIY, by the way. 🙂

    • ritsya says:

      Thanks Suzanne! I just had a wander over to to your blog and I love how honest you are. Exciting and encouraging to read of your recovery too!
      The bird mobile was picked up from a tiny little Indian store in Edinburgh and I’m pretty sure there would be a similar place in Michigan and the painted lampshade… I’m happy to be commissioned by you 😉

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