The Motto

I have a rotating set of mottos that I tend to live my life by. One of my favourites is “Try something new”. There are times when sticking to what you know is good but life gets more exciting when you step into the unknown. The easiest avenue for my experimental nature to explore is food because it is part of our lives by necessity, provides endless creative possibilities and is easy to get over. Yesterday, I had the luxury of sitting in a café at dusk with great company, great lighting and great service. Our drinks arrived with a smile and were beautifully presented. There was a beer which I didn’t bother documenting and a delicious little glass of something that looked divine. This is apparently a Martini with Prosecco served with Raspberries for a sweet finish. Guess what I’m trying next?

Mine was a suitably fancy twist on a lemonade; a Basil and Lime Lemonade. Molto bene! Seriously one of THE most refreshing drinks I’ve had in a while.

As if my experience wasn’t near perfect enough already, my dinner arrived. Quinoa Salad with Chunky Avocado and Papaya topped with Cottage Cheese, Honey and Mint WITH sour dough bread on the side. Salads in general went up several notches in my favourite foods list just looking at this beautiful creation.

I was completely in love. It was like a party in my mouth, each flavour dancing with the others in perfect balance. I can be quite picky with salads and usually stick to something chickeny or something paprika-ed but this gamble paid off. I worked my way through this gigantic portion slowly, savouring each fresh and tasty combination of texture and tone. There was a dash of guilt about this meal at first, however. While I happily accepted my plate of gorgeousness, my husband received his simple and homely portion of potato wedges, something that he thought would fill him up more than a salad.

After he had eaten all ten of them, he had to order again. I offered to share my salad because who wants to keep a good thing all to themselves? But no, he was having another little bucket and I must admit I returned to my ‘girly’ food with relief and unapologetically too. One of my brothers is here to visit and I’m definitely taking him to the Motto am Fluss (Motto on the River) to see if he will uncharacteristically try something new.

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One thought on “The Motto

  1. The Wedges look sooooo good.
    The salad looks better.

    Many times it’s not necessarily being averse to trying something new that keeps me from well, trying something new. It’s more the craving to re-enjoy something I truly love — which is also why you’re going back to the Motto am Fluss instead of sampling the food at another restaurant.


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