Hunger Strikes

 2pm: Hunger strikes and I walk to the fridge. We have some milk, orange juice, a lime, a quarter of a shrivelled lettuce, assorted condiments and a tin of tuna. Who puts a tin of tuna in the fridge?! I snatch it out of that cold, dark place and decide it will be my lunch. I did not proceed to scoff it like a starved neanderthal.

I scour the kitchen cupboards. Nothing instant except teabags. Fun fact: I don’t drink tea and yet I live.

I spot some polenta, pretend it is couscous and get it simmering in a pan of water. 1 part polenta to 4 parts water on low heat. Before I could blink, it is close to sludge consistency. I now pretend it’s a white sauce and keep stirring. I have never seen polenta in anything but a pre-cooked pack so this was very exciting. After about 5 minutes of Italian peasantry, I turned my attention to my motley crew of lunch hopefuls.

A diced clove of garlic spluttered in some olive oil with a grind of salt, pepper, a shake of dried basil and a squeeze of tomato paste. I added the tuna and smiled. Lunch was looking good. I set the polenta gloop in a ramekin and turned it over to enjoy like so.

What are your empty-fridge recipes? Any polenta-themed solutions would be great because I’m now hooked on this simple staple that expands mysteriously.


4 thoughts on “Hunger Strikes

  1. Claire L says:

    Omlettes are always a winner.

    Once as well, because we had no milk for ceriel or bread. No car to get food and it was raining heavilly, I decided to make bread for lack of anything else to eat. By this point it was about 1pm, and I was hungry so unfortunately neglected to leave it to rise, meaning it was more on the heavy side, but it worked, and I was definately satisfied.

    Noodles are always a good End-of-your-tether-food too. When you have nothing else but them noodles and soy sauce are awesome.

    • ritsya says:

      I thought I had mastered the whole having enough emergency supplies in the cupboard like basic flour, soy sauce, noodles etc but I see there is much to learn. haha..

  2. bicroce says:

    I make mystery salads with blueberries, feta, all kinds of raw veggies, leftover cold meat, cut up fresh herbs, olive oil and lots of fresh ground pepper–a winner every single time!

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