Morning Coffee

Waking up earlier than normal today meant we could savour the morning. We decided to go out for a morning coffee at a café we love and chatted about nothing important. It felt like it did before we got married. I would set my alarm to go off earlier to get ready to meet my ‘date’ for breakfast and then head off to lectures or work all smiles. I don’t know how this habit started but now, we tend to have retrospective chats about how the day or week had gone so it was special to have each other’s thoughts before the day brought its busy-ness and events. I love our quiet morning routine but mixing it up by going out made me appreciate how precious it is to wake up next to my ‘date’ every day.

Fun fact #2: I don’t drink coffee and yet I live. That’s a ‘Kakao’ right there next to my husband’s usual Melange. It was lovely but a bit hot and milky for my tastes. Yes, I don’t know why I expected anything different. I should’ve gone with the Mango Lassi.


2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee

  1. bicroce says:

    We have a Saturday morning coffee date every week in our sun room; the best hour of the week!

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