Super Supper

There are times when living in Vienna feels like a dream. Today was a dream-like day spent reading, searching for thrifty treasures, shouldering my way through a bustling market, lunching with my love and walking down old streets lost in conversation. This city with its old buildings, old music and old ways, is the perfect backdrop, making even the most mundane of tasks that much more glamourous and rose-tinted. Sometimes I imagine I’ve stumbled into a period drama and start thinking in my best posh English accent but soon realise that it won’t work. They speak German here.

That doesn’t stop me day-dreaming though. This evening I was in a Tuscan villa, fooled no doubt by the warm summer air thick with scent of every dog flower in a two mile radius. I had a look at the try-outs for our dinner and there seemed to be a lot of tomatoes and not much else. Double-buying is inevitable in marriages with no written shopping lists. It was clear we both liked tomatoes so I proposed Bruschetta on Garlic Bread. Ideal for an al fresco evening. Well, we had the windows open so it counts as al fresco. Partly baked baguettes were halved, spread with our home-mixed garlic butter and shoved in the oven while we chopped up tomatoes, an onion and a few spring onions.  This fresh mix of flavours was even more beautiful with a grind or two of salt, pepper and a drizzle of soy sauce with a generous sprinkle of dried basil. We finished off every last crumb and cube with some leftover chicken wings from last night and a glass of Rosé.

We even had a gentle Tuscan breeze to complete the experience. It’s amazing what pedestal fans can do these days.

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2 thoughts on “Super Supper

  1. Gita says:

    Your Appa and I enjoyed every last crumb of our daughter’s flights of imagination!! The touch of spring onions with soy sauce added that all too familiar homely waft of Appa’s cooking! Love you John for being that inspirational husband to your Ritsya!!

  2. […] comes out of a bare fridge and manages to look this good has my vote. I had precisely 12 tomatoes (we always have tomatoes), a forgotten handful of lamb’s lettuce and two avocados. Not too exciting at first […]

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