Irregular Plurals

I am a language-geek with approximately 21 normal brain cells that don’t spasm when I read ‘definately’ instead of ‘definitely’. Of my many twitch-triggers, using the wrong plural ending is a relatively minor offence but an entertaining one nonetheless. I am sure I have given several shopkeepers fodder for lunchtime laughs with my attempts at German plurals. You just have to learn some things about language and plural endings are one of those mindless things. We have mangoes next to avocados. Why do some have an -es and others just a lonely -s?

These are melons being sold by men with moustaches but there are no strawberries here. Why does a -y become -ies? It sounds the same as -ys but thanks to the French we have an e-loyalty. Fun fact #3: E is the most used letter in the English alphabet. Printing presses always have many more E blocks than you would imagine. Look under the floorboards and you will find some there. Fun fact #4: That is mostly because ‘the’ is the most used word in English.

You might be tempted to find a pattern for these endings. Maybe it’s to do with the last letter. Sheep, ships, elk, leeks… no.

I have no answers or predictable patterns. I only just found out that elk stay elk and now I can’t help chanting elk. I need some time to rid my brain of its hypnotic power. Elk.

p.s. All the photos above are from my Saturday market experience 12 minutes from our door. Unlike most farmer’s markets I’ve been to, this one was actually cheaper than the supermarket. Win win. Elk.

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