I have to apologise to all my regular readers about my recent silence in blog-dom. All three of you might forgive me if you knew what a crazy few days I’ve had. I was rushing to help grannies across the street during my lunch-breaks from pow-wow sessions with the movers and shakers of this nation and it all got a bit too much. Not really. I was busy applying for a ‘real job’ and calling up people everywhere and being charming. It has been paying off because I now have a teaching job and a few more prospectives a mere email away. This cyber-savvy granny sometimes gives me a few cents. “Keine sorge! Ok, danke.”

Changing my week’s plan around good things like interviews and classes on top of dealing with the heat has left me feeling so exhausted and the week’s not even over yet. I have to motor through. My motto for these summer-days is: Stand, don’t touch anything and wear enough not to be obscene. Being professional sometimes means sitting for a long time, therefore touching too much of a hot chair and wearing black over much of my body.

Some may say I should keep hydrated but really, what I need is a stylin’ car to take me places without other hot, smelly people. One where I can control the atmosphere and as a bonus, play some great tunes. It would be lovely to arrive at an interview all fresh and un-sweaty in something like this.

Too yellow I think. Let’s add that fetching shade of grey-white that every self-respecting pair of underpants aspires to.

Maybe you don’t see its potential. It might be a tin-oven at first sight but with a bit of customisation, it could be just the ticket.

Or I could blaze through town on something like this. I could even have a side-kick! Heroes with side-kicks are always cool.

I seem to have forgotten some things about big bikes.

The wind through my helmet? No thanks. Burning fuel tank melting my thighs? The leather that seems mandatory? Skip. I need something more skirt-friendly.

Too pink. I don’t sell cupcakes so really I would be riding one of these.

Further consideration however, brings back the chilling story of Isadora Duncan who met an untimely death. Long scarves and convertibles? Definite no. My hair wouldn’t survive either so we’re back to taking the tram. Great.

p.s. All photos above were taken by me on walks around this city I love. If you would like to use any of my photos in any way, please get in touch or link me. Thanks!

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One thought on “Motor-Aid

  1. missmaudlin says:

    Oh Isadora… always worthy of dressing up as on Halloween. Even if it’s just to spread the news as a cautionary tale…

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