Something light, please.

I thought summer came to a shuddering halt with the impressive thunderstorm we had over the weekend but it wasn’t to be. Vienna’s darkened sky decided to migrate to England and has me all uncomfortable and fidgety again. Usually, in this sort of weather, an appetite escapes me until I’m right in the middle of something extremely boring. Something a bit mind-numbing like cutting a dress pattern with no end in sight.

It didn’t start off mind-numbing. I was genuinely excited about making this Coffee-date Dress that was featured on a sewing website but soon realised there was more than just cutting involved. Keeping track of which line corresponded to my size was harder than I realised. It turned out that I shouldn’t have taken scissors to this pattern until I had stuck all 25 sheets together as per the creator’s numbering system. Sadly, I didn’t understand this rule in time and am now surrounded by bits of paper that will never make a dress.

Enter Boredom Hunger. I salvaged ten strawberries from a box that will make any biology teacher jealous, washed and cut them, added one perfectly ripe nectarine and as a treat, sprinkled some chopped walnuts on top. It was just the right meal for my over-heating brain. I now needed some non-calorific help for my dying enthusiasm so I turned on “Coco Before Chanel” (don’t tell the boss I watched the whole thing) and by Thursday, you just might see the results.

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