No Set Price

I had the privilege of eating in an honest establishment the other day. The kind that gives you slow food at a price you set. No need for a begrudged tip that seems mandatory after a merely adequate but overpriced meal. At The Deewan, you eat anything from the sumptuous spread of Pakistani food, go back for seconds, thirds, mix courses if you wish and when you are close to exploding, you can decide what to pay.

It reminded me of the Mosque Kitchen in Edinburgh which ladles out huge portions of spicy homemade (style) goodness to a variety of academic ‘locals’ under a make-shift gazebo even in the cold months for the cost of a McDonald’s meal. Good food at pocket-friendly prices, no-frills and no airs.

This goodwill has a real bricks and mortar home in Vienna serving scruffy students and those practised in the art of enjoying the simple things of life. On the playlist are emerging bands, some who perform to an appreciative audience in the basement on occasion. The people who visit definitely leave full and inspired. Should anyone wish to share their happy epiphanies, they are encouraged to write them on the wall with the colourful pens available at each table. Water is free but other drinks have a set (standard and sometimes cheaper) price. They really don’t try to rip you off. The staff are really friendly and are happy to explain why they do what they do and you would be hard-pressed to leave without a warm gesture from the owner.

I left with a huge box of chicken curry and lamb spinach curry for my husband. I didn’t think it was worth carrying rice home when you can make it so easily so they filled the entire box with curry for €6, snuck in some flat bread and sent me on my way. Good food, good mood.

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3 thoughts on “No Set Price

  1. Shama says:

    Wow!! That’s really generous of them 🙂

  2. Julia says:

    I LOVE this place…haven’t eaten there in forever though!!! I think we need to invade Deewan together some time 😉

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