Six Months On

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I celebrated being married for 6 months. He took care of the details and all I had to do was get ready. To make our evening even more romantic, he ordered several bucketfuls of rain and sacrificed his right shoulder for me to be completely under our umbrella. We wound our way around puddles and cobbles holding each other tight. Every time we passed a passable place I asked the question, “Is this it?” and with each cheerful “No”, the lower half of my body grew more numb in the freezing rain. Then I spotted it. A place I would definitely like with a cosy warm glow coming from its half-sized doorway and a wrought-iron sculpture of some sort hanging above it. Turns out, he booked a table at a charming restaurant called Der KuckKuck (The Cuckoo) which serves a maximum of 20 people under old arches with a variety of cuckoo clocks hanging on the walls.

Here’s what I ate. Excellently prepared sirloin steak. Still bleeding.

It is the kind of place where you are not allowed to pour your own drink and your glass is always full. It was wonderful to be in my husband’s company and I often caught myself laughing, soon felt awkward and resorted to a few polite sips of wine. The more awkward I felt, the more wine I guzzled so I left there very jolly indeed.

Our evening was not over. My husband sacrificed his shoulder again, made silly jokes and I giggled all the way to Cafe Schwarzenberg. We laughed over how we were more cafe-comfortable and sat down for a relaxed cuppa in one of the poshest districts of Vienna. To remind us that we were in a fancy place, I had to select something from the Teehaus menu because you can’t just order water. Our waiter then kindly obliged all my requests of cake and more cake and entertained my questions about the place.

I’m making it my mission to find the best Topfenkuchen in Vienna and this was definitely edging towards the top. My husband wasn’t really paying any attention to what we ate for dessert because we had just launched into a discussion of where we could go once our time in Vienna was through.

Although we feel incredibly fortunate to live in this beautiful and romantic city, we reckon somewhere less posh might be next on our list. For now, we’re just enjoying our two-year honeymoon.

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2 thoughts on “Six Months On

  1. Gita says:

    My darling Ritsya and precious John, you carry romance with you and it warms the ‘cockles’ of my heart to hear about the growing love that goes with it! May it be so for the rest of your lives…..For God is faithful to the covenant He has made with you!

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