Just as I was settling down for a nap this evening, my husband casually drops the news that the London Marathon ballot results arrived today and he’s running it WITH ME! My disbelief turned to horror after a round of questions brought up no trick or lie. He then was surprised that he never mentioned the fact that he entered my name into a ballot for the biggest run happening in May 2012. Here’s a fun fact: Most people try up to four times to get a place on this coveted marathon route.

I know we talked about him doing it with his flatmates from university and I vaguely remember a day in May (just before the one and only race I have done so far) when he said he took the plunge and entered himself, grinning widely as he thought of the challenge that lay ahead. Apparently, he entered my name with his when he made his bid and somehow failed to tell me all those months ago.

I must admit to feeling weak at the knees thinking about the training we will need to do but my wonderful personal trainer assures me that it’s possible. I went from zero to a 10k in a matter of 4 weeks thanks to my husband’s patient coaching and I hope I can go from here to just over 42km over the next 6 months. I truly enjoy running because I accomplish something new each time and with my best friend to share the victory. It might be gruelling but I can’t wait! What a surprising surprise!

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7 thoughts on “Newsflash

  1. Verity says:

    Woah ritsya! What an exciting challenge you will do great…and that means you’ll get to do it in the same year we have the Olympics so you’re pretty much IN the Olympics! It’s a great one to tell the grandkids…

  2. Hannah says:

    Ah-MA-ZING! That is awesome Ritz!! I wish I could run with you!! Maybe John could stay a few extra weeks in May and train me to get to a 10K again in 4 weeks after the baby comes. Yes, good plan. I’m SO SO SO SO EXCITED for you! Way to go!

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