A Page Out Of Glamour

In an effort to put off lesson-planning, I decided to découpage my rather ugly lever-arch file with a bit more sophistication than a teenager into Gary Barlow. Flicking through my small stack of German magazines brought up some real treasures that I will display on my masterpiece of organisational stationery at a later date. I was getting impatient with all the tiny snips and neck crick-inducing accuracy, so I whipped up something small and fun for the meantime.  [Note: I have attempted to learn German by reading ungrammatical chick-lit. Mission impossible.]

A page in Glamour Magazine featured some summery shades of eyeshadow cracked beyond recognition by some rebellious teenager. Maybe one who would découpage her school folder with rebellious icons I can’t name. I thought these splashes of colour looked like flowers so with a few strategic smile-shaped cuts, I ended up with a page full of roses. My fascination with doilies and light filtered through interesting patterns came out to play this afternoon so I prettified our bedroom lamp.

Unfortunately, it is too girly for a boy-girl space so it is only temporary. I feel inspired to take this idea to other things in my path. Vases, tea light holders and of course the whole legion of sorry stationery in my cupboard that is begging to be customised. This is a perfect activity for a bored afternoon when procrastination cannot accomodate any more trips to the fridge. Do it and share!


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2 thoughts on “A Page Out Of Glamour

  1. Zoe says:

    boy-girl space? how about it lives on your side of the bed surely that is allowed to be totally girlified?!? it’s lovely Ristya can I vote for it to stay please.

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