Is It Autumn Yet?

As much as I love summer, I can’t wait for autumn to start in Austria. There has been no end of warm summer days and sticky nights but I think it’s time for jumpers and socks. My husband and I went in search of some autumnal golden beauty recently only to find the odd tree reluctantly turning brown. Our cameras at the ready, walking shoes on, we traipsed off into the Baden riverside forest looking for signs of our favourite season. We found a lot of mostly naked bathers and cyclists who seemed to be making up for overdressed forest.

I have to admit that wandering in the dappled shade of forest, following the path of a small river, with the love of my life was very romantic and made me very happy indeed. I just couldn’t believe that while the UK was suffering from rainstorms, we had a perfectly blue sky, warm water to wade in and salad for lunch. There was no need for a warming hog roast at one of the local specialty inns, no need for a jumper and no need for a flask of coffee or hot water [Fun fact #2: I don’t drink tea or coffee].

Proof of happiness.

There came a point when I forgot about wishing for autumn and just enjoyed being with my husband, wearing sunnies instead of an itchy hat and skipping stones successfully for the first time in my life. I wish I had a picture of my 8 skip record.

A week later, I ventured back with a friend and there was still nothing autumnal save for some apples and pears from some country house person’s orchard. It filled me with warm fuzzy memories of cosy apple pies and my favourite pear and cardamom cake so I longed for the autumn once again. We are supposedly about to have the last day of summer tomorrow so here’s hoping.



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One thought on “Is It Autumn Yet?

  1. Amma says:

    My DEAR Rits……I feel so excited for you…with you! Enjoy God’s lavish goodness in your lives.

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