Creature Comforts

Now that autumn is officially here, I can resume my snugglerdom. Venue of choice? Woolly jumper by day and cosy duvet by night. I know it sounds vaguely superhero-like, but do not be fooled, this activity relies on total clothing commitment. I feel so grateful to have warm clothes, a dry and safe house to look out from and healthy soups and herbal teas to keep potential colds at bay. I often see this cat on my way to work and he always looks so content in his thick fur coat now, that I was reminded of the main thing I love about the cold here. You can always put on layers and stop before you look like an arctic explorer. A mere fortnight ago however, I sweltered my way through a work day fully dressed in black by necessity and had to resort to ice-cream for lunch! I know, I live a hard life.

There was nothing better than to linger in front of the glass fridge in the cutest ice cream shop, and enjoy the coolness while I ummed and aahed about all the mouth-watering options in front of me. I had a Topfencreme Eis which disappeared before I thought to take a picture. Yep, it was that good. Anyone who eats with me, knows how I take pictures before I eat. This time was different. I think I started to lick away at my ice cream before I even got out the door. The shop is a glorified hole in the wall so you can imagine just how badly I needed to cool down.

I was in the centre of town surrounded by tourists and smokers, so I nipped into a quiet courtyard and enjoyed my cream and cone in silence and solitude. This was the first time I had ever eaten one by myself and I somehow felt like I should have asked my mum. My late teenage rebellion surfaces in the most surprising ways sometimes! I might have reflected on things to be grateful for but the creamy cool deliciousness kept interrupting my thoughts. Taking extra time to enjoy my last ice-cream of the season, I then tottered back to work happy and content and ready for snugglerdom.

The Cat with the Coat of Contentment

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One thought on “Creature Comforts

  1. verity says:

    that cat…its going on my christmas list. HOW CUTEE!!!

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