Sewing Days Together

On my way home today, I thought about all the amazing things I could do with the weekend. Always a slippery slope but I indulged my overactive right-brain anyway. I got so excited that I started the very hour I came home. My sewing shelf was soon emptied onto every available surface as I chose my materials for my first project. In an attempt to curb my enthusiasm and be realistic, I decided to reinforce something I learnt at my friend’s Sewing Sunday event: how to make the ‘Buttercup Bag’.

Stephanie did such a great job hosting us novices in her home last weekend. She even made some delicious berry muffins to top it all off. We all had the pattern and instructions emailed to us in advance but somehow, we ended up needing professional supervision and patient coaching for a variety of sewing problems. Not least how to work the all-important iron. After demonstrating like Martha Stewart, unpicking our hasty stitches and several gentle prods in the right direction, she was able to show us the Magic of the Bag. Turning it right-side out is that wonderful moment, when the seamstress sees her success; “I made that and it looks like it should!” Nothing beats that feeling.

Even though we used the same pattern, our bags were so unique. We had lobsters, a cheerful floral print, cute apples and mine, the black and white creation. I took my bag home with a massive smile on my face, inspired and happy to have met more craftsy ladies.

I like my mustard with some black and white on the side.

I felt a bit more cosy comfort than chic today so I wanted to make something with woolly fabric and a bit cuter i.e. smaller. Downsizing the pattern and snipping away at some fun plaid and tweed I used for my Three Blind Mice, I had autumn in my hands before long.

It even goes with my favourite mustard yellow jacket!

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6 thoughts on “Sewing Days Together

  1. Barbara Isaac says:


  2. Amma says:


  3. Stephanie says:

    Wow, you’ve already made another bag! I love your wintery version. I’m glad you’ve become a fan of the buttercup bag. My retro apple version is now my teaching bag, filled with markers, tipp ex, flash cards, dice, a ball and other odd paraphernelia a teacher must sometimes resort to. It’s become quite a heavy little bag and the fun apple print cheers me up in class πŸ™‚

    • ritsya says:

      I felt so empowered by all the handy tricks I picked up from you, I had to try it out again. Made a second wintry one the next day! Seriously love them.

  4. Tineke says:

    hi Rits! I’ve looked at this pattern thinking “one day, I’ll get the hang of sewing and I’ll try this”. today was the day – it worked! thanks for sharing xx

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