Stocking Up

I tried to empty the fridge of perishables before my husband went away for a few days and I succeeded. Unfortunately, I failed to remember that I might need to eat at some point while he was gone. Any salad that comes out of a bare fridge and manages to look this good has my vote. I had precisely 12 tomatoes (we always have tomatoes), a forgotten handful of lamb’s lettuce and two avocados. Not too exciting at first glance.

Chopping tomatoes for what seems like forever, I finally have meal-like proportions in front of me. I scoop out buttery avocado onto my bed of lettuce and tomato and it now looks good enough to eat. But hark! My TV chef alter-ego wants to come out to play. So I drizzle some Greek blossom honey in an elaborate pattern quickly followed by an elaborate swirl of extra virgin olive oil from Mykonos Island (*friends who remember you on glamourous holidays are good friends).

I wish I could say I crushed black peppercorns in my hands and rubbed some sea salt between my palms till it fell onto my Mediterranean feast of delight but sadly, my IKEA grinders were called on for the final touch. I can honestly say that it was one of the best salads I have ever eaten. I was making appreciative noises for no-one to hear and praised the beauty of simple, fresh ingredients. Perfect meal for one and guilt-free to boot.

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