Go Local!

This lovely little street is a mere tram ride away from our doorstep and features some of the cosiest restaurants in Vienna. A classic heuriger restaurant serves wine from grapes grown locally and other seasonal produce. Being a city-kid, I had never appreciated harvest time before but I plan to make up for all the lost years by gorging myself on the bounty I find on the fringe of this ‘city’ before it is too late.

On one of our late summer wanders through this town, my husband and I were drawn into a dreamy courtyard and found ourselves sniffing the air and looking at each other excitedly. That had to be a hog-roast! Soon enough, we were enjoying our authentic heurigen meal: perfectly done meat that melts in your mouth with the traditional Austrian side-dishes of sauerkraut and flour dumplings and gravy. I skipped on the crackling but if you’re a fan, I heard someone at the next table being very appreciative.

As we ate, we were even serenaded by a musical duo with the authentic Viennese get-up: black and white and frowns. Surprisingly, they sounded more jolly when they were indoors playing various tunes from the ‘Sound of Music’ for a bus-load of tourists. Thinking about it, I can understand why they were happier with the predictable tourists. The Viennese locals in the gardens only had unimpressed expressions for them. No tips. No smiles. Except from us of course. I like to think our appreciative smiles were the reason they came back to the garden at all. We left there amused, very full and feeling like tourists. In keeping with the mood, I posed for a ridiculous photo with my favourite seasonal headgear. Unfortunately, you can’t see my smiling face. I fit right in.

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One thought on “Go Local!

  1. verity says:

    This is where I went with Steffi! It is such a beautiful place. I loved the music they played. Good memories there.

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