Hello Stranger!

I have missed you. All sorts of adventures have come my way over the last couple of months and I simply have to record them. We have had visitors, lots of good food and a few noteworthy creative exploits. There are plenty of stories to add to the Quirks of Vienna pile, plenty more to file under Lessons in Marriage and gazillions of other Items of Interest. All in good time.

Highlights of Winter 2011:

Seeing a baby panda.

-Becoming a surprise bowling champion. Unfortunately, there is no decisive photo evidence for this. I was too busy celebrating.

Discovering a new local park hidden behind a great wall. Ooh the mystery!

This was in November. Clearly Autumn decided to stay long. As if the sky saw me type, winter has now arrived. Snow et al.

Skulking round beautiful galleries.

Having guests really helps our plan of being tourists in our own city. The Belvedere is a gem. Come visit so I can seemoredomore.

Making a dress (or three) for my niece's first birthday. With matching shoes.

I got so excited about making actual clothes for my favourite little person in the world, that I vowed to make more and show you. WhatcanIsay, addicted to cuteness.

Watching my husband enjoy his first ever trip to an aquarium.

I find out weird and wonderful things about the man I married every day. Lesson # 5836: He had never been to an aquarium where the fish swim over your head. Childlike joy hidden in a trench-coat.

Enjoying my first birthday as a wife. I could get used to this.

See that crack in the table? That piece of kitchen furniture was a wobbly see-saw hazard. It has been replaced. Mini-highlight of 2011.

Seeing Vienna lit up for Christmas.

I have to tell you more about Christmas in Vienna. Maybe in December.

Feasting with people I love.

There was almost no end to the amount of GOOD food we enjoyed. The good company came free.

Coming back home with my love after the holidays.

This has been a fun, challenging and busy time. I enjoy being in Vienna, being married more than ever and can’t wait for all the exciting things to come this year. All in good time.

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6 thoughts on “Hello Stranger!

  1. we have missed your lovely writing as well! What a great few months you had!

  2. katyarich says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!!!

  3. Shama says:

    Love it. Love it. Yay for good things and double yay for blogging again :).
    You were missed.

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