Ode to a Dumpling

The World Foods Section

You know that bare concrete bit in soul-less shopping centres where one usually finds the loo and other such unglamourous things? Well, this mall I was in today decided to do away with that and instead, place the facilities right in the heart of little China/ Morocco/ Italy.

I have no idea which precise country they were trying to victimise in this space but I came away inspired to have Chinese food for dinner. Take-aways are bad for post-Christmas resolutions, so…

[Cue: Slide 2.]

The dumplings were born.

O dumpling,

How little I know of thee.   [Warning: Ode in progress.]

You beguile me,

Skin so fair, meat hiding beneath thee

No ginger,

Soy sauce or Chinese ancestry

Came to me

So I went

To Morocco and Italy

And came up

With something like a pasty.

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3 thoughts on “Ode to a Dumpling

  1. Becky says:

    Your dumpling poem makes me want to blog again. Not to mention the fact that I love gyoza and dim sum and all Asian dumplings (recipe please?)

    SO pleased you’re blogging again, lovely to hear about your exciting European life .

  2. missmaudlin says:

    Bah!hahahahah I’ll get on skype next time and show you how to do it easily! It’s crazy simple.

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