Fancy Crumbs

At a German wedding.

Can you just imagine the slick production line for one of these fancy nibbles? German efficiency evidenced at a winter wedding. Seed bread, a cheese slice and a shaving of wurst all cookie-cuttered into submission. This German piece of art gave me all sorts of ideas for party food for the months to come. Summer soirées with heart shaped pieces of watermelon in my Sangria? Yes, please.

Bread bigger than your head at a wedding.

I have to admit I was slightly scared of this giant hunk of bread when I first saw it. The friendly waitress aka Bread Tamer was reassuring me that it was all ok when she took the ‘lid’ off and …

She offered us some yummy mini-sandwiches!

I had nothing to be worried about because clearly, Germans just know how to make the best use of bread. Efficient to the last crumb. I, of course, managed to waste a few of these fancy crumbs to the floor and fed many an unseen creature for a few days. I picked some crumbs out from my scarf for quite some time after. I would like to say that is all I lived on over Christmas but sadly I had to gorge myself on the larger crumbs offered to me.

Mouse on detox diet.

On a normal walk home recently, I spotted a tiny creature nibbling at a flower. It was a mouse! Since when do mice eat flowers?! Maybe it decided to switch to salads after the excesses of the holidays like me. Who knows. I felt like giving him a fancy crumb or two but after this experience, no way. Feed ’em once, feed ’em forever.

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