Step into my office.

The National Library gods decided that this space should be named just for me. Prunksaal. I challenge you to come up with a cuter, more fitting name. Recently, my favourite bookworm visited Vienna to give me my annual dose of culture. As we wandered through this gorgeous baroque museum of learning, I generally reacquainted myself with the world through her unique lens. Talking about ancient scripts, laughing at illustrations of fat fish and marvelling at the architecture seemed so natural. She is one of the few people who can simplify something potentially pretentious like ‘reading’ ceiling frescoes.

The entire museum was stunning but the cupola was just magnificent. Cute word #567: cupola. There was a very impressive oval dome in the middle that has been giving visitors a neck crick or two since the 1730s. I can attempt to give you my own translation for the common people but I might mix up Greek gods or something and pollute your brain with my imaginings. I’ll leave you to check out the official spiel right here. Not everyone has an art history geek for a friend.

The best thing about this place? All the books preserved from different periods of history. My dad would love this place because for him, books are like gold and this place is loaded. Sadly, you can’t touch them unless you have a special permit and you can’t take photos unless you are very sly with a camera phone. Sly-me managed a generic one like this just to give you an idea of my dream library. One with a customised rolling ladder to reach the highest books in the humongous carved oak bookcase. So, if you want to feel small and it’s too cold to go up a mountain, go here. Whether you’re a bookworm or not.

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2 thoughts on “Bookworm

  1. Naomi says:

    Your picture of The frescos in the cupola is way better than the one of the website! Kudos to you my friend! P.s I love your photography style!

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