Roasting Beans


I like coffee but I don’t drink it. It’s akin to liking dogs but not owning one. I appreciate from a distance, bask in the warmth when it’s there and happily let others enjoy it when I’m ready to leave. My husband, however, is the coffee-drinker and potential dog-owner. He contemplates his next coffee, ponders its origins and then says something like, “I think we should get a dog bowl and a heat gun.”


“Sorry, what?”, spills out of my mouth as images of animal cruelty fill my mind, provoking a sudden wave of affection for canine creatures.

He doesn’t hurry to explain but I wait. Apparently, armed with a standard, smooth, steel dog-bowl and a heat gun, you can roast coffee beans to perfection in the comfort of your own home.


I have a few reservations about owning a dog-bowl but am no one to stand in the way of healthy initiative. Just this week my husband showed me how much he believes in my DIY abilities. He got me an overlocker as an anniversary present and all I could do apart from squeal was assure him that I couldn’t match his offering by any stretch of the imagination. To encourage the caffeine-lover, however, I picked up a simple coffee grinder and just in time for his birthday, added some great fresh roasted Mexican beans from Alt Wien Kaffee.


This artisan roastery is a treat for the senses, filled to the brim with specialty beans from around the world, custom-blended for you right there by helpful staff who know their stuff. That wonderful aroma would convince even the most staunch tea-supporter to come in and nibble at some biscotti while the coffee-lover in their life discusses the smoothness of Arabica beans or the roasting process.
All this without a dog-bowl in sight.


2 thoughts on “Roasting Beans

  1. Tom Koruthu says:

    I must say I’m intrigued by the dog bowl idea …. more s9o because the geat gun could have other uses as well?

    • ritsya says:

      It has to be the kind that looks like a hat with a very curved brim. Let’s find a heat gun and try it the next time we’re all together.

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