Reverse Engineering

Eat. Work. Sleep. That’s my routine, I think. While I go through another day of what I imagine is / I begin to envy people who have routines and predictables in their lives. My ‘breakfast’ happens halfway through work, sleep comes and goes as and when I need it and non-work fits around it all. In my head, everything is organised. I think it’s good to work hard and be a 110% person but recently, my life has started to resemble a textbook case study for sleep-deprivation.

Pushing myself through tiredness, with barely enough time to shower, eat and relax, I became more prone to colds, migraines and overall rattiness. There have been so many good things happening in every sphere of my life, that I just felt compelled to put my fingers in too many pies. I get caught in the moment but sadly that’s not always a good thing.

I have to do a bit of reverse-engineering to figure out what my priorities are again and realign my lifestyle to fit those goals. Look forwards and then look back. Where do I want to be in x-amount of time? Working backwards, I can see what I need to do by when, foresee problems, factor them in and learn more about the process. My favourite part: Setting my own deadlines and doing things with more focus.

I made this dress for a darling niece in the middle of one of the most intense but fulfilling months. I had to be organised. I reverse-engineered for this dress and it worked out perfectly. I knew what I had to do by when and had a realistic time-scale for it. I was so into the whole process once I mapped it out that I decided to make the dress reversible too.

Turned out that I could make two dresses in the SAME time it would have taken me to make one.



Maybe I don’t need much of a routine afterall. Just a good plan. A plan that includes sleep.

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