The Three-Pointed Star

ImageIf you ever happen to be in Stuttgart, go to the Mercedes-Benz Museum. It is so worth it. I was tagging along on a trip some friends organised for us, trying to hide a complete lack of interest and a fair amount of skepticism. The moment we pulled up outside the building however, all doubts vanished and I knew it was going to be great if only from an architectural point of view. How low were my expectations!

This museum oozes class, style and sheer brilliance. An audio tour walks you through a largely industrial space in an intuitive and organic way. It shows you how funny-looking, elaborate contraptions became the incredible engines that are housed in beautiful vehicles today. It relates every invention, complication and solution to events in history as you spiral down slowly from one level to another, guiding your eyes to yet another fascinating detail of this company’s legacy.

The three-pointed star signifying Daimler’s vision of motorisation “on land, on water and in the air” now symbolises luxury, class and design across the world. I had previously thought that Mercedes made cars and maybe a few articulated trucks but I was wrong. It is amazing how effectively this museum does some PR for the name in a variety of fields. Take music, for example. Mercedes-Benz have been compiling mixed tapes for a while now, introducing yours truly to some emerging artists over the years. For someone who doesn’t pay attention to the charts, this has been a massive cool-bonus.

If you cannot make it to Stuttgart to see their other services to mankind for yourself, watch this PR-video starring a strange lady and a British narrator. If your appetite is still not satisfied, you can read more about the drama behind the brand ‘Mercedes’ here.

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