Serial Say-er to Serial Do-er

Have you ever had a moment where you felt so tired of hearing yourself say the same things over and over again?

Your trademark ‘one day I will’ lines.

Your rehashed stories of your golden days complete with wistful look into the sunny Insta-haze of the past.

Your explanations for why you are where you are and not where you want to be. [<<That’s a tongue-twister.]

I have plenty.

One day I’ll travel to…

It was so much easier being…

Oh I can’t yet because I’m…

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you DO need to cut yourself some slack and be kind to the one person you’re stuck with for life: yourself. You DO need to practise patience because the best things in life are worth the wait. You DO need to consciously sacrifice what you want for what is best for your life. Sometimes, you do.

There is honour and dignity in doing those things.

My gripe is with hearing myself SAY things that I have very little intention of DOing even when the ‘sometimes’ are behind me. Waiting for the conditions to be perfect before I begin. Trying to accumulate as many certificates as possible before I practise. Repeating my flimsy excuses when I encounter early setbacks. All normal in the life of a serial say-er.

One summer, I decided to learn how to swim properly. No longer was I going to be flailing in the shallows like some bewildered upside-down hedgehog. So I signed up for swimming lessons at the local pool. This all sounds very impressive and do-er like, doesn’t it? It was a long road though.

Believe it or not, I read a book about swimming before I set foot in a swimwear shop. I even got a friend to draw me some diagrams of what I should be doing if I ever (miraculously) made it into a pool. This was me being a serial say-er.

I made it to 8 lessons and from a combination of embarrassment and the ever so convenient excuse of life getting too busy, I never went back.

Same thing with piano lessons. Same thing with a 12-week workout programme. Same thing with a diploma in business and management. Get really excited, get all the gear, buy new stationery, hit a roadblock of any description and that’s it.

Those are examples of things I actually got started on. There are plenty more on the heap of abandoned dreams. Dramatic maybe, but true.

So many times I’ve heard it said that it is hardest to get started. I say it’s hardest to keep going when the initial buzz has worn off. To keep working out when you’ve plateaued. To keep eating healthy food in a month full of birthdays. To keep (this one goes out to all the approval-addicts like me) practising your favourite piece even when there’s no one applauding your efforts.

It’s time to stop getting that high from talking about a future accomplishment and DO.

Not just start but do and do and do and do and do.

Become a serial do-er.

By all means become a serial say-er of things already DONE.

I have officially written my second blogpost.

I have completed my workout for the day.

I have bathed my child. Oh wait, that shouldn’t be on the list of things you say but don’t do. Oops.

What have you DONE?



2 thoughts on “Serial Say-er to Serial Do-er

  1. yes! I have taken action to restructure my organization!

  2. Tom says:

    Well said and done!
    The baby bit was the clincher….not said, just done.

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