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Fall Fashion


My September Issue involved a bit more fall fashion than I hoped for. Shortly after my last post in 2012, I had a nasty fall (an accident) which altered more than just my wardrobe for my favourite season. My right shoulder got dislocated. One arm a hand longer than the other. No big deal right? Ouch but they can just click it back in and you’re good to go. So I thought. After slotting my bones back in place as best he could, my emergency doctor cheers me with the fact that the majority of shoulder dislocations recur and they get less painful after the 10th time or so. Good news for me though, I could be recommended for surgery because my shoulder dislocated in a particularly gruesome manner. Not exactly the comfort I was expecting. Throughout my ‘recovery’ I was the pet shoulder-trauma case study for the local teaching hospital. Glad to be of service to mankind but I wish it could have been in a less painful way.

I had the mandatory fixed sling wrapped around my body which I rocked under my top for 4 weeks. Autumn was the best season for this as I could layer with flowy fabrics and disguise the lack of an arm. Small, everyday things became mountains to climb and I slowly learnt to accept the overwhelming amount of love, care and support I was shown. My students had no complaints about my left-hand writing, my bosses were kind and my friends cheered me up no end. My husband and I grew a lot closer. He washed my hair, dried and styled it. That in itself deserves a medal. He also helped me bathe, get dressed, hardly slept because he kept propping me up so I could sleep in a seated position, opened doors, cut my food up for me, did all the household chores we normally share, put up with my bouts of depressed sobbing, helped me re-focus when I thought of all the short-term ways my life was being affected and encouraged me to go ahead and start my diploma in management like I wanted. This was definitely a big lesson in marriage and love.

Fast-forward through physiotherapy and winter to the time I stopped working full-time to focus on my diploma. Apparently, the risk of me having another painful dislocation was too high as the things holding my bones in place were mere threads now. I ended up having surgery, and going through 4 weeks of a fixed sling again with new opportunities to accept incredible love and support. I learnt a lot of German, met brilliant people, regained strength and movement in my right arm, learnt how to write again, conquered a lot of fears, passed an exam, enjoyed a brilliant summer of getting healthy and now on Day 43 of Insanity, can do a full push-up.

Things wither and nearly die but with seemingly small amounts of faith, hope and love, they can come back to life.

Little by little, things change.

Pictures clockwise from top left: At a concert 3 days after my fall with my sling disguise. My left-hand handwriting. The first long autumn walk that didn’t hurt too much: a blessed birthday. The diploma underway. Hospital food served by wonderful nurses. My lovely hospital room where I received so much help pre- and post-surgery.

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Sewing Days Together

On my way home today, I thought about all the amazing things I could do with the weekend. Always a slippery slope but I indulged my overactive right-brain anyway. I got so excited that I started the very hour I came home. My sewing shelf was soon emptied onto every available surface as I chose my materials for my first project. In an attempt to curb my enthusiasm and be realistic, I decided to reinforce something I learnt at my friend’s Sewing Sunday event: how to make the ‘Buttercup Bag’.

Stephanie did such a great job hosting us novices in her home last weekend. She even made some delicious berry muffins to top it all off. We all had the pattern and instructions emailed to us in advance but somehow, we ended up needing professional supervision and patient coaching for a variety of sewing problems. Not least how to work the all-important iron. After demonstrating like Martha Stewart, unpicking our hasty stitches and several gentle prods in the right direction, she was able to show us the Magic of the Bag. Turning it right-side out is that wonderful moment, when the seamstress sees her success; “I made that and it looks like it should!” Nothing beats that feeling.

Even though we used the same pattern, our bags were so unique. We had lobsters, a cheerful floral print, cute apples and mine, the black and white creation. I took my bag home with a massive smile on my face, inspired and happy to have met more craftsy ladies.

I like my mustard with some black and white on the side.

I felt a bit more cosy comfort than chic today so I wanted to make something with woolly fabric and a bit cuter i.e. smaller. Downsizing the pattern and snipping away at some fun plaid and tweed I used for my Three Blind Mice, I had autumn in my hands before long.

It even goes with my favourite mustard yellow jacket!

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Creature Comforts

Now that autumn is officially here, I can resume my snugglerdom. Venue of choice? Woolly jumper by day and cosy duvet by night. I know it sounds vaguely superhero-like, but do not be fooled, this activity relies on total clothing commitment. I feel so grateful to have warm clothes, a dry and safe house to look out from and healthy soups and herbal teas to keep potential colds at bay. I often see this cat on my way to work and he always looks so content in his thick fur coat now, that I was reminded of the main thing I love about the cold here. You can always put on layers and stop before you look like an arctic explorer. A mere fortnight ago however, I sweltered my way through a work day fully dressed in black by necessity and had to resort to ice-cream for lunch! I know, I live a hard life.

There was nothing better than to linger in front of the glass fridge in the cutest ice cream shop, and enjoy the coolness while I ummed and aahed about all the mouth-watering options in front of me. I had a Topfencreme Eis which disappeared before I thought to take a picture. Yep, it was that good. Anyone who eats with me, knows how I take pictures before I eat. This time was different. I think I started to lick away at my ice cream before I even got out the door. The shop is a glorified hole in the wall so you can imagine just how badly I needed to cool down.

I was in the centre of town surrounded by tourists and smokers, so I nipped into a quiet courtyard and enjoyed my cream and cone in silence and solitude. This was the first time I had ever eaten one by myself and I somehow felt like I should have asked my mum. My late teenage rebellion surfaces in the most surprising ways sometimes! I might have reflected on things to be grateful for but the creamy cool deliciousness kept interrupting my thoughts. Taking extra time to enjoy my last ice-cream of the season, I then tottered back to work happy and content and ready for snugglerdom.

The Cat with the Coat of Contentment

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